Warm up for tomorrow, all you Rock ´n Roll Paddies!

When planning tomorow´s Saint Patrick´s Special I really didn´t want to play anything by him. Too obvious.
I changed my mind though.
Let´s face it. Shane MacGowan is the Irishman everbody likes to meet. (In no particular order:) he has a poetic mind, he likes a drink or two, three, four and the man knows where you can find the craic
So yes folks, we will play Shane and his Pogues/Popes a couple of times on the show. Along with  other splendid Irish lads like Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison and the Wolf  Tones and a lot of good people from all around the globe. Because on Saint Patrick´s Day, everybody feels Irish!

Here´s Shane with Rock And Roll Paddy.  Godd bless him and ´till tomorrow!

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