Too Poor To Die

Yesterday´s show appeared a few hours later than planned on this blog. Blogspot´s publishing system  didn´t function like it should. So when I was in Barcelona visiting The Boiler Rhytm and Soul Club nothing happened ´at home´.
Great evening by the way, with killer sets by, among others, Linda Popcorn and her buddy Ted Couldstone.
Bummer of the night was the fact that Little Victor had to promote his performance as a deejay next week at the The Lucky Mojo Club in Barcelona,  by going into the Boiler crowd and handing out flyers. 
To make things clear:  we´re talking about a guy who not only just had delivered a splendid rocking R& B concert, but also about someone  who  has played and recorded with blues greats as Louisana Red and Howlin Wolf´s longtime guiter player Hubert Sumlin.
 A bloody shame that he has to promote himself in such a way. ´I have to pay the bills´, was Victor´s down- to- earth- reaction when I asked him about it.

Well, allright. To help our man a bit, here´s the leaflet of Little Victor´s next week appearance as a deejay in Barcelona.  And of course some music. Little Victor  with his band Juke Joint, together with Louisana Red.  From their award-winning record  Back To the Black Bayou (Ruf, 2009)  the track Too Poor To Die.

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  1. Great evening last night...A taste of the real world.