Struttin My Stuff # 5 Playlist and Download

Hello folks,

While Deejay Wheelie finds out what is the best music in the world on
BBC television, we´re playing it.

Yes folks, it´s another show full of  moanin and groanin music to sooth your soul and make you jump and shout.
Let´s have a quick look what we have this time.  Just to name a few: 

Little Bessie and Pearline Caeser  with some great R&B shuffles,  made for the Amy label.
Then we´ve Ronnie Wood, doing a raunchier version of Black Limousine than the Stones ever did.
Also on the show: Jimi Hendrix himself.  This time with his first ever (or almost, the experts don´t agree on this one) studio recording, spicing up Rosa Lee Brooks´ My Diary. (First known Arthur Lee composition, by the way)

Talking about great guitar players: I always wondered who played that stingin´ guitar on my favourite Eldridge Holmes tune, the scorching blues Cheatin Woman. I never bothered to look it up ´till now - enjoying the music too much-  but  it is Leo Nocentelli of The Meters. (Funk and soul professors like Larry Grogan of the
Funky16Corners  blog and Sir Shambling  know these kind of things.).  One reason more to sign this petition to get The Meters in the Rock ´n Roll Hall Of Fame!

To continue ´this guitar talk´: ever heard of Tore Elgaroy?  A great gritty and soulful guitarist from Norway who plays a star role on Lee Clayton´s 1989 Another Night album (and apparently after that disappeared from the music scene for years).
Check the record out for yourself though, because we play the only not guitar- heavy track on the album,  the tearjerker  A Little Cocaine .

Which brings me tot the last name I will mention: George Jackson. His I Don´t Need You No More brings tears to your eyes. At least to mine. Recorded in 1976 but in my opinion just as good and deep as any sixties southern soul classic.

Have fun with the show! (But be careful, ´cause it starts with a bang.)

TB Turpentine

Gene Vincent: In his dreams?

        Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 5

Intro: ´It All Starts With A Bang´
1 The Puta Madre Brothers  - The One Legged Horse (race) (Baboso, 2010)
2 Little Bessie - For Your Love (Amy, 1961)
3 Eldridge Holmes – Cheatin Woman (Atco, 1970)
4  Rosa Lee Brooks– My Diary (Revis, 1965)
5  Edge Of Darkness -  Mean Town (Jamie, 1967)
6 Johnny Guitar Watson – Hot Little Mama (RPM, 1955)
7 Gene Vincent – In My Dreams  (Capitol, 1955)
8  Prince Buster – Wine And Grind (Blue Beat, 1967)
9 Swan Silvertones – Love Lifted Me (Specialty, 1970)
10 Big Walter Horton – Tin Pan Alley  (Blind Pig 1989, rec. 1977)
11 Janis Martin – Barefoot Baby (RCA Victor, 1956)
12 Lee Clayton – A Little Cocaine  (live) (Provogue, 1989)
13 Otis Clay – She´s About  A Mover (Cotillion, 1968)
14 Ronnie Wood – Black Limousine  (Pilot 2000, rec. 1992)
15 Spanky Wilson – You (Mothers Records & The Snarf Company,  1969)
16 Hugh Masakela & The Union of South Africa – Dyambo (unknown, 197?), appears  on Hugh Masakela & the Union of South Africa  (Motown, 1994)
17 Soul Lads – I´m Yours Forever (Trojan, 1968)
18 The Wee Four – Weird ( Nu-Sound, 1966)
19 Lost John Hunter  and his Blind Bats – Y M & V Blues (4-Star,  1950)
20 Bessie Griffin and the gospel Pearls – Lord Don´t Move The Mountain  (Liberty, 1960)
21 Beverly Pitts – Just Some Soul  (Soulshot, 196?)
22 George Jackson – I Don´t Need You No More (ER Music, 1976))        
23 Pearline Caeser – Go (Amy, 1963)
24 Lloyd and Glen – Jezebel  (Doctor Bird, 1967)
25 Good Time Charlie – Watch That Stuff (Galaxy, 1963)
26 Bintangs – Ridin´ On The L & N  (Decca, 1969)
outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

listen and/or download (run time 01:16:57, 192 kbps):

or download here

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What´s the sound of a one legged horse?

No Moanin and Groanin Radio isn´t going Zen. We stick to our usual mix of gritty and wailing blues, soul, funk, gospel, ska, rockabilly, R&B, garage, zydeco  and much more. 
Next show will be all ready for you, next Saturday February 26 , 10 pm CET .  Listen and/or to download and have fun!

Tune in!

TB Turpentine

And the sound of one legged horse? These guys called The Puta Madre Brothers (also known as the biggest one-man-band in the world)  will let you hear it on Saturday.

The Puta Madre Brothers : What´s the sound of a 3-piece 1-man band?

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Struttin My Stuff # 4 - Come On In And Do The Swing

Helllo again!

And welcome to our fourth Struttin My Stuff show.  More than 80 minutes  of gritty blues, deep soul, sixties and other garage, ska, hard funk, gospel, zydeco, afro- beat, fifties and sixties R&B and R&R ... name it, we play it, as long as it has SOUL.

Busy folks we have this time: Georgie Fame is Monkeying Around, Big Joe Williams needs his Vitamine A Blues , Ella Washington is Starving For Love and Th´ Legendary Shack Shakers do the Bullfrog Blues.  

In the meantime The Come Ons  and The J. Geils Band play a Detroit-Boston match, while Peter Green and John Mayall are Out Of Reach ( talking of the Mayall family, we will play something of son Gaz his Rockin Records label  one of the upcoming shows). 
And, as promised last week, we have Barrelhouse,  Tineke Schoemakers own band. There ain´t  many Dutch female blues singers around and Tineke is by far the best. Listen to Oh Death, and you know what I mean.
Talking about the best. This week´s  country tearjerker is Gram Parsons´ Return of The Grievous Angel. They don´t come any better than that!

Have fun with the show!

TB Turpentine

Peter Wolf of The J Geils Band struttin his stuff in Paradiso, Amsterdam 1979. In the crowd (center): TB Turpentine.

                                                  Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 4

Intro: ´Come On In And Do The Swing´
1 Williams Walker & The Ray-O-Vacs - Party Time (Kaiser, 1955)
2 Otis Redding - Shake (live) (1967, ´Soulatlantic´ (bootleg) 2002)
3 The Specials  - Pressure Drop (Virgin, 1996)
4 Joe Hill Louis - She Treats Me Mean And Evil (Checker, 1952)
5 Georgie Fame - Monkeying Around (Columbia 1965)
6 Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Sit Down Servant (Inside, 2010)
7 The Blues Busters  -Soon You´ll Be Gone (Trojan, 1965)
8 Tom Tall and his Tom Kats - Stack-A-Records (Crest, 1958)
9 Gram Parsons  - Return Of The Grievous Angel (Reprise, 1974)
10 William Bell  - Never Like This Before (Atlantic, 1966)
11 Eboy Taylor - Heaven (Soundway, 2002)?
12 Th´ Legendary Shack Shakers - Bullfrog Blues (Bloodshot, 2003)
13 Peter Green & John Mayall - Out Of Reach (Decca, 1968)
14 The Purple Hearts - Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones (Sunshine, 1966)
15 Barrelhouse – Oh Death (Munich, 2010)
16 Homesick James - Shake Your Boogie (Big Bear, 1976) ?
17 The Come Ons  - Watcha Got (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000)
18 The J. Geils Band - Detroit Breakdown (live) (Atlantic, 1976)
19 Ella Washington - Starving For Love (Soundstage 7, 1968)
20 Frijid Pink - Drivin Blues (Parrot, 1969)
21 The Bees  - Oh Yes (Finch, 1962)
22 Big Joe Williams - Vitamin A Blues (live) (Testament, 1965)
23 Bogard Brothers - Just Over There (Saviour, 1965)
24 Don Covay - The Usual Place (Atlantic, 1966)
25 Boozoo Chavis  - LA Women Love Uncle Bud (Komaday, 198?)  
Outro: Magic Dick- Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

Listen and/or download (run time 01:21:25, 192 kbps)

or download here


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Public Enemy Number One?

They don´t look like it. Maybe because this picture is from ´66. After all, we´re talking about the Public Enemy of  ´62 , according to the singer of the band. 
But no hip hop here, folks. The Purple Hearts  (from Brisbane, Australia)  made straight to the bone R&B.
Better so.

Lots more moanin and groanin R&B, Rockabilly, R&R, Blues, Soul, Funk, Gospel, Zydeco, Garage, Ska , Country and Afro-beat on Struttin My Stuff # 4, coming Saturday 19 Feb,  10 pm CET, here on MOANIN and GROANIN Radio.
Tune In!

TB Turpentine

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Struttin My Stuff # 3 playlist and download

So here we are again, with our third Struttin My Stuff show.  Listen and/or download, it´s all yours.

We´ve been diggin our vaults to come up with some good stuff for you.  Some fairly new ones, like great R& B hope Black Joe Lewis with his band The Honeybears.
Also Dutch (we love our Dutchies here) blues rockers The Juke Joints with guest vocals by good old Tineke Schoemaker  (we´ll play a tune by Tineke´s own band Barrelhouse next week). 

Next we have jumpy ska by U Roy,  a shot of gospel  by Dorothy Love Coates,  and lots of blues and soul of course.  And we do have The Wailers (no, not these ones).
 M&G - favourite Jerry Lee Lewis does this week country tearjerker.

All oldies yes, but goodies they are. And hey,  like Bob Dylan said: ´There are a lot more old records than new ones.` You´re damn right, Bob!

Have fun!
TB Turpentine

The other Wailers. From Tacoma, Washington these ones.

                                              Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 3

intro: Liam Clancy, personating a 200-year old alcoholic
1 The Five Du-Tones – The Chicken Astronaut (One-derful, 1963)
2 Mercury Dance Band -  Envy No Good (year and label unknown, on Afro-Rock Vol.1 , 2001, Kona Records)
3 Son Seals - Sitting At My Window (Alligator, 1973)
4 The Detroit Cobras -  Now You´re Gone (Bloodshot, 2005)
5 Howlin Wolf  - Louise (Chess, 1964)
6 Little Freddie and The Ripcords  - Goodbye New York, Hello New Orleans (????)
7 Jean Wells - Try Me And See (Calla, 1968)
8 Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Big Booty Woman (Lost Highway, 2009)
9 Jerry Lee Lewis - Cold, Cold Heart (Sun, 1961)
10 New Coon Creek Girls - Hammer and Nails (Pinecastle, 1994)
11 Ray Charles - I Like To Hear It Sometimes (ABC/Paramount, 1965)
12 Glenna Dene and the Rock-its - Make Live Real (Eunice, 1961)
13 U Roy - Stick Together (Trojan, 1972)
14 The Juke Joints with Tineke Schoemaker (voc.) - 99 Pounds (Black Cat, 2005)
15 The Wailers - Little Sister (Etiquette, 1966)
16 Diamond Joe - Moanin´ And Screamin´ Pt. 1 & 2 (Minit, 1963)
17 Clifton Chenier - Ay-Tete Fee (Specialty, 1955)
18 Lavern Baker with Jackie Wilson – Think Twice (Version X) (Brunswick. 1965)
19  The Four Strangers -  Sad And Lonely ( Astor, 1965)
20 Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes - Strange Man (OKeh, 1967)
21 Lightnin´ Hopkins – Shotgun Blues (Aladdin, 1950)
22 Chuck Wright The Palm Of Your Hand (Ember, ??)
23 Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Comes Tears) (Stax, 1964)
24 Lavell Hardy - Don´t Loose Your Groove  (Direction, 1967)
outro: Magic Dick - Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

Listen and /or download (run time 01:15:23, 192 kbps)

or download here

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Struttin My Stuff # 2 playlist and download

Hello folks,
The playlist and the download link (see below the playlist) for last weekend´s show.  Some highlights are Otis Spann with Brand New House, Dutch blues legends Brainbox (they just released a new record after 40 years!), James Brown sound-a- like Lee Fields (coming to Barcelona this month!, lucky me) and garage scorcher Beaver Shot by The Periscopes. And of course we played some Louvin Brothers. May they now both R.I.P. 

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 2

Intro: Little Walter- Just Your Fool (Checker, 1962)
1. Aretha Franklin – Soulville (Columbia, 1964)
2. Boogie Bill Web – Bad Dog (Imperial, 1953)
3. Leela James – Long Time Coming (Warner Bros, 2005)
4. The Shells- Whiplash (Conlo, 1965)
5. Barbara And The Browns – To Know I Can´t Touch (Cadet/unreleased, 1966)
6. Jimmy Nolen – The Way You Do (Federal, 1956)

7 Betty Harris - There´s A Break In The Road (SSS, 1969)
8. Alex Bradford – Feel Like I´m Running For The Lord (??????)
9. Barbara Pittman – I Need A Man (Sun, 1956)
10. ND Hotshots - USA Special (?????)
11. J.B. Hutto – That´s The Truth (Vanguard, 1966)
12. Gregg Allman – Blind Man (Rounder, 2011)
13. The Movement – I Wanna Be Free (???)
14. L´il Bob and the Lollipops - I Got Loaded (La Louisianne, 1966)
15. Sister Wynona Carr – Dragnet For Jesus (Specialty, 1954)
16. Lee Fields – Put It On Me (Desco, 1999)
17. Sonny Boy Williamson II - Sonny´s Rhytm # one (Trumpet 195?)
18. Little Walter – Dead Presidents (Chess, 1963)
19. Brenda Lee – Here Comes That Feeling (Ace, 1962)
20. Luther Allison – Luther´s Blues (Motown, 1974)
21. The Swan Silvertones – Lead Me On (??)
22. Betty James – I´m A Little Mixed Up (Chess, 1961)
23. Jimmy McCracklin – Gonna Tell Your Mother (Modern, 1955)
24. Georgina Gibbs – Great Balls Of Fire (RCA/Victor, 1957)
25. OV Wright – Eight Men And Four Women (Back Beat, 1967)
26. Alton Ellis - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Studio One, 1967)
27. Gladys Knight And The Pips - The Nitty Gritty (Motown, 1969)
28. Otis Spann – Brand New House (Bluesway, 1966)
29. Little Milton – She Put A Spell On Me (Checker, 1963)
30. Ricky Allen with Earl Hooker – Little By Little (USA, 1964)
31. The Suedes – 13 Stories High (Psychadelic, 1966)
32. Arthur Conley – Let Nothing Separate Us ( Atco, 1967)
33. Charlie Parr – Jubilee (Little Judges, 2007)
34. The Louvin Brothers – In The Pines (Capitol, 1956)
35. Big Joe Williams – King Biscuit Stomp (Columbia, 1947)
36. Betty McQuade – Tongue Tied (W & G/Astor, 1961)
37. Buddy Guy – I Got A Strange Feeling (Chess, 1960)
38. Brainbox – Down Man ( Imperial, 1969)
39. Cleveland Crochet – Sugar Bee (Goldband, 1961)
40. The Marvels – Rock Steady (Pama, 1971)
41. RT And The Pot Lickers – Sticky Pig Feet
42. John Lee Hooker - My Baby Don´t Love Me (Atco, 1963)
43. Big Mama Thornton - They Call Me Big Mama (Peacock, 1957)
44. Lester Young – Down To The River (Barry, 1961)
45. Betty Swann – Willie & Laura Mae Jones (Capitol 1969)
46. Tony Joe White – Scratch My Back (Monument, 1970)
47. The Chairmaines – I Idolize You (Fraternity, 1964)
48. Koola Lobitos – Highlife Time (EMI, 1965)
49. The Periscopes – Beaver Shot (Dionysus, 1965)

Outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

Listen and/or download here ( run time 02:19:09  192 kpbs)

or download  here

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