Struttin My Stuff # 5 Playlist and Download

Hello folks,

While Deejay Wheelie finds out what is the best music in the world on
BBC television, we´re playing it.

Yes folks, it´s another show full of  moanin and groanin music to sooth your soul and make you jump and shout.
Let´s have a quick look what we have this time.  Just to name a few: 

Little Bessie and Pearline Caeser  with some great R&B shuffles,  made for the Amy label.
Then we´ve Ronnie Wood, doing a raunchier version of Black Limousine than the Stones ever did.
Also on the show: Jimi Hendrix himself.  This time with his first ever (or almost, the experts don´t agree on this one) studio recording, spicing up Rosa Lee Brooks´ My Diary. (First known Arthur Lee composition, by the way)

Talking about great guitar players: I always wondered who played that stingin´ guitar on my favourite Eldridge Holmes tune, the scorching blues Cheatin Woman. I never bothered to look it up ´till now - enjoying the music too much-  but  it is Leo Nocentelli of The Meters. (Funk and soul professors like Larry Grogan of the
Funky16Corners  blog and Sir Shambling  know these kind of things.).  One reason more to sign this petition to get The Meters in the Rock ´n Roll Hall Of Fame!

To continue ´this guitar talk´: ever heard of Tore Elgaroy?  A great gritty and soulful guitarist from Norway who plays a star role on Lee Clayton´s 1989 Another Night album (and apparently after that disappeared from the music scene for years).
Check the record out for yourself though, because we play the only not guitar- heavy track on the album,  the tearjerker  A Little Cocaine .

Which brings me tot the last name I will mention: George Jackson. His I Don´t Need You No More brings tears to your eyes. At least to mine. Recorded in 1976 but in my opinion just as good and deep as any sixties southern soul classic.

Have fun with the show! (But be careful, ´cause it starts with a bang.)

TB Turpentine

Gene Vincent: In his dreams?

        Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 5

Intro: ´It All Starts With A Bang´
1 The Puta Madre Brothers  - The One Legged Horse (race) (Baboso, 2010)
2 Little Bessie - For Your Love (Amy, 1961)
3 Eldridge Holmes – Cheatin Woman (Atco, 1970)
4  Rosa Lee Brooks– My Diary (Revis, 1965)
5  Edge Of Darkness -  Mean Town (Jamie, 1967)
6 Johnny Guitar Watson – Hot Little Mama (RPM, 1955)
7 Gene Vincent – In My Dreams  (Capitol, 1955)
8  Prince Buster – Wine And Grind (Blue Beat, 1967)
9 Swan Silvertones – Love Lifted Me (Specialty, 1970)
10 Big Walter Horton – Tin Pan Alley  (Blind Pig 1989, rec. 1977)
11 Janis Martin – Barefoot Baby (RCA Victor, 1956)
12 Lee Clayton – A Little Cocaine  (live) (Provogue, 1989)
13 Otis Clay – She´s About  A Mover (Cotillion, 1968)
14 Ronnie Wood – Black Limousine  (Pilot 2000, rec. 1992)
15 Spanky Wilson – You (Mothers Records & The Snarf Company,  1969)
16 Hugh Masakela & The Union of South Africa – Dyambo (unknown, 197?), appears  on Hugh Masakela & the Union of South Africa  (Motown, 1994)
17 Soul Lads – I´m Yours Forever (Trojan, 1968)
18 The Wee Four – Weird ( Nu-Sound, 1966)
19 Lost John Hunter  and his Blind Bats – Y M & V Blues (4-Star,  1950)
20 Bessie Griffin and the gospel Pearls – Lord Don´t Move The Mountain  (Liberty, 1960)
21 Beverly Pitts – Just Some Soul  (Soulshot, 196?)
22 George Jackson – I Don´t Need You No More (ER Music, 1976))        
23 Pearline Caeser – Go (Amy, 1963)
24 Lloyd and Glen – Jezebel  (Doctor Bird, 1967)
25 Good Time Charlie – Watch That Stuff (Galaxy, 1963)
26 Bintangs – Ridin´ On The L & N  (Decca, 1969)
outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

listen and/or download (run time 01:16:57, 192 kbps):

or download here

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