Struttin My Stuff # 8 - Who Put The Whiskey In The Well?

Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!

Before we all start drinking, first some short notes on the state of Paddy, The Irish Rover (1).
What went wrong with his beautiful Green Island (2) in the Atlantic?
A paradise on earth is was once. A place were Paddy used to sing I´m Diggin My Potatoes (29).
Where he loved his Green Onions (5) and, above all, his Greenbacks (8).
But nowadays all Paddy sings is  I´m Broke (20), Honey Where´s The Money Gone (3) and I´m Hungry(13).
That Stuff They Call Money (10), it´s all gone! Paddy is Living In Depression (9).
He´s feeling Heavy Heavy Heavy (7), he´s got the Bankers Blues (28).
Open the Door (22) , he yells in vain in front of any bank.
Paddy is Blue And Lonesome (16).
Didn´t it Rain (26) that hard, Paddy wouldn´t feel so bad. But in Ireland, When It Rains It Pours (24).
Hungry and Thirsty (12), our man enters the pub.
Hey Bartender (17), he says, and ten seconds later: There Stands The Glass (19).

Paddy drinks his Quiet Whiskey (11).
Five or six drinks later, Paddy feels like a Whiskey Headed Man (21).
I´m Leaving (18), he thinks.
Two hours later, he is still there. The only thing that pours now, is the liquor.

Streams Of Whiskey (15) are flowing through Paddy´s body.
And of course, being Irish, he starts singing a song.

That Woman Got Me Drinking (30), Patty moans,
blaming the girl with A Pair Of Brown Eyes (27) he met the other day.
Soon the whole drunken pub crowd joins in Patty´s Lament (23).

Wine, Whiskey and Women (6) it is for the rest for the day.
Everbody´s heading for a severe case of Intoxica (14).
Tomorrow they all will feel Sick, Sober and Sorry (25).
And the only question left will be: Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well? (31)
But that´s tomorrow. For now let´s all rise for God Save Ireland (32)!

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Who Threw The Whiskey in the Well? Saint Patrick´s Day 2011 - Playlist

1. Shane MacGowan- The Irish Rover (live)
2. Don Drummond - Green Island
3. Solomon Burke - Where´s The Money Gone?
4. The Soul Stirrers  -I Want To Rest
5. Lightnin´ Hopkins - Green Onion (live)
6. Papa Lightfoot - Whine, Whiskey and Women
7. Geraldo Pine - Heavy, Heavy, Heavy
8. Ray Charles - Greenbacks
9. Sebastian  -Living In Depression
10. Big Bill Broonzy - Stuff They Call Money
11. Powerhouse with Bull Moose Jackson - Quiet Whiskey
12. Jimmy Trotter - Hungry And Thristy
13. Johnnie Morisette with Jennil Hawkins Sexette - I´m Hungry
14. The Revels - Intoxica
15. The Pogues - Streams Of Whiskey
16. Little Walter - Blue And Lonesome (take 1)
17. Laurel Aitken - Hey Bartender
18. John Lee Hooker - I´m Leaving
19. Van Morrison - There Stands The Glass
20. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - I´m Broke
21. Tommy McClennan - Whiskey Headed Man
22. Little Joe Tex - Open The Door
23. Flogging Molly (No More) Paddy´s Lament
24. Billy The Kid Emerson - When It Rains It Pours
25. Lefty Frizzell - Sick, Sober And Sorry
26. Golden Gate Quartet  -Didn´t It Rain
27. The Pogues - A Pair Of Brown Eyes
28. Rory Gallagher - Bankers Blues (live)
29. Whasboard Sam - Diggin´ My Potatoes
30. Shane MacGowan - That Woman Got Me Drinking
31. Wynonie Harris - Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well?
32. Wolf Tones - God Save Ireland

With John B Keane, Ed Byrne,The Dubliners and others ´on drink´.

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