Struttin My Stuff # 10 - Jivin The Gospel

Sam Cooke: Jesus Gave Me Water
 Hello there!

Our 10th Struttin My Stuff  show. To celebrate this small wonder we have Gods own Hip Messiah Lord Buckley to warm you up for some jiving gospel tunes. Among them Jesus Gave Me Water, in my opinion one of the very best recordings Sam Cooke did with the Soul Stirrers, together with Touch the Hem of His Garment and Were You There?

We switch to more worldly affairs after that with Helen Smith and You Gotta Have A Man. I don´t know who wrote this song, but he or she must have already been dead when Prince released his Kiss. Otherwise: were was the courtcase? ´Prince must have been inspired by this song´, somebody wrote on the fan community Inspired?  He bloody stole the song! 
If you want a better version of You Gotta Have A Man, listen to the one done by Frank Williams and the Rocketeers. In fact I think it´s the same instrumental track, but Franks vocals are a lot grittier/more exciting than Helens.  We´ll play Franks version some other time, that´s for sure.

Talking bout different versions. The Come See About Me by Don Covay we play on this show isn´t the usual one with strings and female choir. This one comes from Dons 1965 See Saw lp.  It´s a different recording, in a slightly lower tempo and with Don singing in a more relaxed manner. I prefer the single version (it has a lot more ´swing´) but I thought it might be interesting to play this one for a chance.  Apart from that: you can´t  go wrong with Don Covay!

You can´t go wrong with any of the songs on this show, if you ask me. It´s all good stuff with lots of grit and soul. But ak me for my personal fav, and I say ´Freddie King´. Listen to this version of Have You Ever Loved A Woman? and you know what real soul is all about.

Have fun!

TB Turpetine

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 10 ´Jivin The Gospel´

00 intro: Lord Buckley ´The sweetest Cat´ (from The Nazz)
01 Goldie Haynes - This Old World
02 The Soul Stirrers - Jesus Gave Me Water (Speciality, 1951)
03 The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - I Believe
04 Helen Smith - You Gotta Be A Man (Deep City, 1967)
05 Willie Jones - Where´s My Money? (Mr. Peacock, 1962)
06 Donna Hightower- Hand´s Off (RPM, 1955)
07 Billy Hughes & His Peacock Palls - Take Your Hands Off It! (??; 1946)
08 Balfa Brothers - Parlez-Nous à Boire (Let´s Talk About Drinking)
09 The Notting Hillbillies - Feel Like Going Home (Warner Bros, 1990)
10 John Littlejohn - 29 Ways (T-D-S, 1968)
11 Carmen Davis - No No, Baby
12 Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman? (live) (Wolf, 1995, rec. 1970)
13 Eddie Bo - Check Your Bucket (Bo- Sound, 1970)
14 Ben Harper - I Can´t Take It No Longer (Cenco, 1962?)
15 Bacardis - Don´t Sell Yourself (Midgard, 1966)
16 David Jones & The Fenders - Boss With The Hot Sauce (Candy, 1992 (comp.))
17 Dan Boadi and his African Internationals - Play That Funky Music (NAAP, 1978)
18 Louis Jordan - Blue Lite Boogie pt. 1 (Decca, 1950) 
19 The Stovall Sisters - Hang On In There (Reprise, 1970)
20 Don Covay - Come See About Me (Atlantic, 1965)
21 The Ethiopians - Hong Kong Flu (Trojan, 1970)
22 Little Sam Davis Going Home To My Mother (Rockin'l, 1958)
23 Charles Epps - Rock With The Boogie (Brosh, 1962)
24 Frankie Miller - Sail Away (live) (Eagle Rock 2008. Rec?)
25 Marion Williams - My Time Ain´t Long
26 Keith & Enid - Everything Will Be Allright (Smiths, 1960)

outro: Magic Dick - Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

listen and or download here (01:22:53; 192 kbps)

or download here

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