The judgement falls on mankind...

...when the trumpet sounds the call.

What´s this? Hell and brimstone in the Struttin in My Stuff Show on MOANIN and GROANIN Radio?
Yes, we do like our Reverends here, spreading the good news.  But this time it´s the Hollies. Of all people you might say, indeed. And the news isn´t too bad, either, according to the lyrics:

Well one day soon all men will stand
His words will be heeded in all the land
Men shall know and men shall see
We all are brothers and we all are free

Love and peace, so to speak. No wonder. Look how innocent almost angelic they look in the picture below.

Anyway, we´ll play The Last Judgement Day on this week´s show. From the 1965 this beauty.
The show starts off with some killer stompers from 1964  by the way.
So don´t be late and tune in. This Saturday 5 March, 10 pm. CET. Listen and/or download and have fun!

TB Turpentine

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