Greeting and salutations, ooh-pooh-pa-doo´

´Mommuo, Daddyo, this is TB with the great big rocket ship show. You´re ready for it ain´t ya? Ya been ready for it. So fasten you seatbelts nice and tight, be prepared for the heavenly flight. Minus 6-5-4-3-2-1 blastoff big rocket ship. E to the D, it´s WOV. Well o-root, bozar to boot, here´s that big record braker, moneymaker Miss Lavern Baker with one tagged Jim Dandy.´

Stop all that jive talk TB, you ain´t Jocko Henderson!

Ok, ok,  but for all you hipsters who never heard about  the man in question.  Jocko Henderson was - among many other other things - a disjockey on WOV (1280 on the AM Dial) radio in Philadelphia in the 50´s and 60´s and one of the greatest jive-talking jocks around.  Some even consider him the father of rap. (Read more about Jocko here)

But like I said: I ain´t Jocko and Struttin My Stuff is more than a jive show. Bu, like often we will play some jivesters though (Louis Jordan, Eddie Bo, among others). And we will start off with the greatest hep cat of them all, God´s own Hip Messah, Lord Buckley
That said: the show is the usual exciting mix of blues, ska, gospel, R ´n B, garage, soul and more. All handpicked by yours truly.

So no off-time jive,  all you Hipsters, Flipsters and  Fingerpoppin Daddies. Tune in this Saturday  March 26 around 10 PM CET on MOANIN and GROANIN Radio and pitch a ball!

TB Turpentine

Jocko Henderson quote from: Swing It! Ann Annotated History of Jive by Bill Milkowski (Billboard Books, 2001)

God´s own Hip Messiah: Lord Buckley


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