Struttin My Stuff # 13 - Things

Strange Things indeed!

And welcome to number 13 of our weekly Struttin My Stuff show.
Actually, this weeks thing theme thing started as just an excuse to begin the show with a intro taken from one of the funniest movie scenes ever, the Big Shoot Out in Analyze This, and then throw in some ´thing songs´

As these things go though, there turned out to be a Whole Lotta Things to make records about: real things, funny looking things, good things, ugly things, big fine things, little things...

Too many things indeed. And some things appear to be the same thing, but they are different things indeed. 
There are even things which are the same thing, but boy do they sound different (Van Morrison´s and Barbara & The Brown´s version of Things Have Gone To Pieces).

So what the heck: let´s have a Thing show.

Shake That Thing and have fun!

TB Turpentine

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 13 - Things

Intro: ´The first thing or the second thing?´
01 Curtis And The Creeps - The Thing  (Dauntless, 1962)
02 Polka Dot Slim – A Thing You Gotta Face (Instant, 1964)
03 BB Jones - The Real Thing  (Magic Touch, 1969?)
04 The Dwellers – What´s That Thing Called Love? (Oasis, 1959?)
05 Finney Mo – Shake That Thing  (Jello-Jim, 1963)
06 Lightnin´ Hopkins – Shake That Thing  ( Fire, 1962)
07 Super Eagles – Love´s A Real Thing  (Decca?, 1972)
08 Hank Johnson – You Lost Your Thing  (Spear, 1972)
09 Melvin Endsley – The Blues Don´t Mean A Thing  (Stomper time, 1957; unissued , avail on div. comp.)
10 Van Morrison – Things Have Gone To Pieces (Lost Highway, 1976)
11 Barbara & The Browns – Things Have Gone To Pieces  (Tower, 1968)
12 King Django – Too Many Things  (Stubborn, 2005)
13 Danny Barker – Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
14 The Carousels Pretty Little Thing
15 Junior Wells – The Things I Would Do For You
16 Eddy Floyd – Things Get Better
17 Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris –  A Thing Going On
18 The Silhouettes - Miss Thing
19 Th´ Legendary Shack Shakers – No Such Thing
20 Luther Allison – You Done Lost Your Good Thing
21 Frank Frost – Things You Do
22 Honeyboy Bryant – Funny Looking Thing
23 Roy Richards -  Another Thing
24 Doctor Ross – Good Thing Blues
25 Jesse Fortune – Good Things
26 Eddie Bo – Too Much Of A Good Thing
27 The Upsetters – Get A Thing Goin On
28 The Creatures -  Ugly Thing
29 Southern Culture On The Skids - Whole Lotta Things
30 Charles Epps – Shake That Thing
Outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood

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