Struttin My Stuff # 12 - Good Luck, Bad Luck

´If it wasn´t for bad luck, I wouldn´t have any luck at all.´
  Greetings to ya´ all!

Once again a very warm welcome to the Strutttin My Stuff show on MOANIN and GROANIN Radio.
This week´s little theme thing is a bunch of records all about loosers and winners, with later in the show some more happy go lucky people.

As usual, lots of black R & B  on the show,  spiced up with Blues, Funk, Soul, Ska and You Name It.

Whatever they may be though, there´re all goodies, handpicked by me for your listeningpleasure.

Some people have all the luck!

Have fun with the show!

TB Turpentine

Listen and/or download here (run time 01:38:03; 192 kbps):

or download here

Playlist Struttin My Stuff 12 – Good Luck, Bad Luck
00 intro ´You just have lost a lot money´
01 James Carr - Losing Game (alt. vocal)
02 The Belmont Playboys - Lucky Day (live)
03 miXandDorp - Bad Luck
04 The Paragons - Happy Go Lucky Girl
05 Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign
06 The Valentinos - Baby Lot´s Of Luck
07 Ruth Brown - I Don´t Know
08 Art Neville - You Won´t Do Right
09 ZZ Hill - One Way Love Affair
10 Joyce Jones - I´m Just Sitting Here Thinking
11 Mac Sims - Drivin Wheel
12 Super International Band - Santa Barbara
13 The Flattops – Flattop Special
14 Reverend Beat Man – Come Back Lord
15 Tampa Red – Green and Lucky Blues
16 Neal Black and the Healers – The King Of San Antone
17 Earl Goodwill Singers - God Rode In The Windstorm
18 Justin Hinds - Happy Go Lucky
19 John Brim - Lifetime Baby
20 The Keystoners - Magic Kiss
21 Joe Lover - Pretty Girl Talker
22 Monk Higgins and the Satallites - Mister Luckee
23 Ed Robinson - Face It
24 Eddie Hinton - I Found A True Love
25 Levert Allison - Hear That River
26 Charlotte Cole - Ain´t That Worth Something Baby
27 Tommy Louis and the Rhytm Rockers – Wail Baby Wail
28 Teddy ´McBear´ Mcrae - Hi Fi Baby
Outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood

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