Struttin My Stuff # 11 - The Truth and Nothin But The Truth

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Welcome  to another episode of Struttin My Stuff, the most eclectic real music podcast around.

This time we´re dealing with a Big Subject: The Truth.

Religions claim they have it, philosophers have written millions of pages about it, people have fought for it and died for it.

That may be so, but we play The Truth. Startin off with a bunch of ´truth-songs´, the show is the usual mix of the best in gritty Blues, R & B, R & R, Soul and Gospel, peppered with some home grown Country, Garage, Ska and More.

Yes, it´s The Real Thing baby! 
Have fun!

TB Turpentine

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 11 – The Truth And Nothin´ But The Truth

Intro: ´Stop Talkin Trash´
01 Ray Charles - Tell The Truth (Atlantic, 1959)
02 King Hannibal – The Truth Shall Make You Free (Aware, 1972)
03 Weird Street Carnival - The Inner Thruth (Copra, 1968?)
04 Earl Hooker - Swear To Tell The Truth (Age, 1962)
05 Rockin Sidney - You Ain´t Nothin But Fine (Jin, 1962)
06 The Louvin Brothers - I´ll Never Go Back (Capitol, 1956)
07 Jesse and Buzzy - Goin Back To New Orleans (Savoy, 1958)
08 Lance Roberts - Gonna Have Myself A Ball (Decca, 1959)
09 Webb Pierce - Take Time (Decca, 1962)
10 Lucinda Williams - Price To Pay (Chameleon, 1998)
11 The Casual-Aires – (What´s The Word) Thunderbird (Brunswick, 1958)
12 Les Volcans De La Capital - Oya Ka Jojo (Analog Africa, 2008 (comp.))1
13 Esther Philips – Black Eyed Blues (Kudu, 1973)
14 Cuby and the Blizzards -Somebody Will Know Someday (Philips, 1968)
15 King Odom Four - All Of Me (Derby, 1951)
16 Roger Calkins & The Fabulous Silver Tones - Hey Sally Mae (West Coast, 1960)
17 The Woollies - Who Do You Love (Dunhill, 1967)
18 Clancy Eccles - Sammy No Dead (SEP, 1965)
19 Otis Rush - I´m Satisfied (Chess, 1960)
20) Trinity - Rolling Stone (Two Miles, 2004)
21 Willie Hightower - Time Has Brought About A Change (Fame, 1970)
22 Mabel King - When We Get The Word (Amy, 192)
23 Classie Ballou & His Tempo Kings – Dirty Deal (Goldband, 1956)
24 Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line (Galaxy, 1963)
25 The Fleshtones - Ride Your Pony (I.R.S, 1982
Outro: Magic Dick - Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976)

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