Struttin My Stuff # 31 - It´s Cold Out There

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 31 - It´s Cold Out There

1.    Albert Collins – The Freeze (Kangoroo, 1958)
2.    Sonny Boy Williamson - Nine Below Zero  (Trumpet, 1951)
3.    Johnny Cash - When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)  (Columbia 1973-1982)
4.    Bill Monroe - Footprints In The Snow (Decca, 1952)
5.    Blind Willie McTell- Cold Winter Day (Decca, 1935)
6.    Fleet Foxes -White Winter Hymnal  (Sup Pop, 2008)
7.    The Choir – It´s Cold Outside (Can Am, 1967)
8.    Townes Van Zandt – Snow On San Raton (unreleased, 1995)
9.     Betty Lavette – Through The Winter (Blues Express, 2003)
10.    Bobo Jenkins – Nothin But Love (Boxer, 1959)
11.    Eddie Burns – Hard Hearted Woman (Harvey, 1961)
12.    Prince Buster- Open Up Bartender (Blue Beat, 1963)
13.    Etta James – Good Rockin Daddy (Modern, 1955)
14.    Johnny Otis & His Orchestra Court Room Blues  (Excelsior, 1949)
15.    Johnny Winter- Be Careful With A Fool (Live) (unreleased, 1970)
16.    Jay Stutes Coming Home (????)
17.    Bogard Brothers – Stop And Let Me Ride (Saviour, 1965)
18.    Cher - Masters Of War (Imperial, 1968)
19.    The Cryin Shames – What´s News,  Pussycat (Decca, 1966)
20.    James Graham - A' Bhriogais Uallach (Stompin, 2004)
21.    Tabu Ley  & Franco – Suite Letter No 1. (edit) (Stern, 2006)
22.    Etta James – Steal Away  (Cadet, 1967)
23.    Lee Jackson – Fishin In My Pond (Cobra, 1957)
24.    Johnny Otis – Barrelhouse Blues
25.    Roy Hogsed – Cocaine Blues (Capitol, 1947)
26.    Wanda Jackson – Money Honey  (Capitol, 1958)
27.    Art Pepper – Winter Moon (Galaxy 1980)
Outro Lemmy Special Mombassa – See You Later (Decca, 1958)

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Hello there,

First of all: sorry for the delay. I got stuck in the snow up in the Pyrenees. It´s pretty cold out there (as it is here in Barcelona at the moment). Inspirational enough though to put a good bunch of chillin´ records at the beginning of this show. The music itself is as hot as always, just like the rest of this episode of Struttin My Stuff which includes a tribute  to  R & B greats Etta James and Johnny Otis.
After all the excitement we leave you behind, under a beautiful and peaceful  Winter Moon

Have fun with this show and see you later!

TB Turpentine

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