Struttin My Stuff # 24 - Nightlife Ain´t No Good Life


01 The Swingers – Nightwalk (Strip, 1950 )
02 Bobby Guitar Bennett- When Girls Do It (World Artists, 1965)
03 The Pirates- Cuttin Out (Chase, 1965)
04 La Vern Baker – You Better Find Yourself Another Fool (Atlantic, 1964)
05 Versatiles – Trust The Book (Amalgamated, 1967)
06 Robert Parker- Funky Soul Train (Nola, 1968)
07 Jesse Anderson – You´d Better Think Twice (Federal, 1962)
08 Kris Kristofferson – To Beat The Devil, (Monument, 1969)
09 Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Two Little Fishes and Five Loaves
10 Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff (Stax, 1971)
11Napo De Mi Amor Et Ses Black Devils – Leki Santchi (??, 70´s)
12 Little Axe – Midnight Dream (Fat Possum, 2002)
13 Donnie Jacobs – Street Walkin Woman (Jin, 1966)
14 Reggie Msomi´s Hollywood Jazz Band – Midnight Ska (Gallo, 1963)
15 Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue (Malaco, 1976)
16 Country Paul - Black Cat Trail (King, 1952)
17 Reverend Charlie Jackson – Wrapped Up In Jesus (Jackson, 70´s)
18 Joe Tex an His X Class Mates – Blessed Are These Tears (Ace, 1959)
19 The Silvertones – True Confessions (Dr. Bird, 1966)
20 Percy Milem – Crying Baby Baby Baby (Goldwax, 1966)
21 Little Walter – Blue Midnight (Chess, 1952)
22 Johnny Wright -54 Blues (RPM, 1955) 
23 Eddie Taylor – Big Town Playboy (Vee Jay, 1955) 
24 The Robins – Just Like That (Arvee, 1960) 
25 Owen & Silvester Silvera – Want Me Cock (Treasure Isle, 196?) 
26 John Cale- Close Watch (unreleased, 1983) 
outro: Lemmy Special Mombassa - See You Later (Decca, 1958)

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Hello there,
And a very warm welcome to Struttin My Stuff # 24.
First the music then the music from now on.  Like it ought to be.  
I felt like spinning a couple of night songs this time. We play the Swingers, with their spooky 1950 instrumental Nighthwalk, trip through a Midnight Dream with Little Axe from his 2002  modern classic Hard Grind  and keep Little Walter company when he does his Blue Midnight.
Hey, we even throw in some Midnight Ska from South Africa. By the way, did you know that the word reggae probably comes from South Africa?  I didn´t until very recent. The song Rea Gae  was recorded in 1939(!) by The Pietersburg Melodians which was actually an alias for the poeular vaudeville groep The Pitch Black Follies. Have a listen here: Pretty Jamaican it sound, doesn´t it? (Read the whole story here)
Talking about words and name. We play Country Paul´s  beautiful  blues Black Cat Trail on this show. But Paul also made records  as Jammin Slim, Lazy Slim Jim, Carolina Slim and Paul Howard.  His real name though was Edward P. Harris. Beat that, John Lee Hooker!

Well John Lee is dead. Just like the Wardell Quezergue. The Creole Beethoven, like Allan Toussaint use to call him died last month, leaving a big gap in the New Orleans music community behind. Quezergue wrote music, played piano, produced and arranged records and was an inspiration for many many many musicians. Not too many people have heard about him, but almost everybody knows a record Quezergue had someting to do with. We play three of them: Robert Parker´s Funky Soul Train, Jean Knight´s Mr Big Stuff and Dorothy Moore´s Misty Blue. The last one is a mid 70´s soul ballad, just at the good side of the disco and Philly sounds.

We´re closing  with good John Cale´s Close Watch, taken from a bootleg of a 80ties  live-show with yours truly in the crowd. Sweet memories
James Cotton´s Black Night is Falling sounds in the background while  I´m typing these words. Would have been a good show opener too. Well, some future show. In the meantime enjoy this one and stay tuned for  the next show, sometime later this month. Number 25, so we´ll be havin a party!

Have fun

TB Turpentine

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