Struttin My Stuff # 21 - Jailbirds

Ex-convict? Lucky bastard!
 A very warm welcome to  ya´ all , here´s Struttin My  Stuff  # 21,  from the jailhouse this time.

Starting with an absolutely wild version of Jailhouse Rock by Dean Carter (real name: Arliee Neaville) with an out of this world solo on a 12 string dobro. In later years our man Dean just recorded gospel tunes and hymns, by the way.
The Mono Men from the US state of Washington  follow, with their meaty garage instrumental Behind Bars, before with move up to Sweden  for the ska tune Of Them Outta Jail by The Skalatons.
Things getting serious now folks, with people not only singing about prison, but actually being  in it - at least at the time of  recording. For  the United States (about one in every 100 adults in the US are in jail at the moment!)  there are two names which stands out when it comes to recording prisoners´ songs. One of them is, of course,  Alan Lomax. We play two of his 1943 recordings  ( by ´Alex´ and ´Jimson´)  made in  the prison .
The other jail recording master is Harry Oster. Largely unknown to the general public Oster´s work as a roots music researcher is just a valuable as Lomax´. Oster, to say just one thing, was the guy who discovered blues great Robert Pete Williams, in Louisiana´s Angola Prison in 1959. For an  interesting article about Oster and his blues recordings, go to Big Road Blues blog. We will play some of Foster´s prison blues in a later show. But in this episode we stick to one of his other major achievements: Oster was actually one of the first who  recorded  the music of the Louisiana Acadians. From Oster´s 1959 lp The Folksongs Of The Louisiana Acadians we play Bee Deshotels´  beautiful  Aux  Natchitoches.

We have a new logo (thanks again, Daniel Pérez!) which features a Ruth Brown record sleeve. We never played much of Ruth records so far (in fact only I Don´t Know in show # 12,  so here´s Ruth with the ballad Anyone But You.  
When Ruth Brown is around,  Lavern Baker is never far away. This time she´s here with Hey Memphis  an adaption of Doc Pomus´ Little Sister, made famous by Elvis himself.
 Both  Brown´s and Baker´s record were produced for -Atlantic by Phil Spector. Talkin about jailbirds! Old Phil has to spent 19 years in prison because he shot  actress Lana Clarkson.  We´ll play a lot more Spector on next  show, but for now: have fun!

TB Turpentine

PS.  I just saw the footage of the Amy Winehouse ´show´ in Belgrado. Yes Amy, I´m wondering now!

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 21 - Jailbirds
Intro: ´How I Got In The Penententiary
01 Dean Carter - Jailhouse Rock
02 The Monon Men - Behind Bars
03 The Skalatones -  Of Them Outta Jail
04 ´Alex´- Prison Blues
05 Magic Sam - 21 Days In Jail
06  Th´Legendary Shack Shakers -  Hoptown Jailbreak
07 ´Jimson´and men with axes - No More, My Lawd
08 Bezawork Asfew - T´zeta
09 Amy Winehouse- You´re Wondering Now
10 Rail Band - Moko Jolo
11 LaVern Baker - Hey Memphis
12 The Hi-Liters - Feelin´ Allright This Morning
13  Big Jay McNeely - The Goof
14 Bruce Upshaw - Rosilee
15 Rev. A. Johnson - Death In The Morning
16  The New Mastersounds - 102 per cent
17 Prince Dgibs - Ogningwe
18 Kaz Lux with John Schuursma -  Sinner´s Prayer
19 Marion Williams - Wicked Messenger
20 The Four Brothers -  Usagare Ne Chigumbu
21 Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Over The River
22  Roy Hawkins - I Walk Alone
23 Ruth Brown - Anyone But You
24 Elmore James - I Believe My Time Ain´t Long 
25 Painted Ship - And She Said Yes
26 June Bateman - Possum Belly Overalls
27  Dan Pickett - Decoration Day
28  Bee Deshotels - Aux  Natchitoches
Outro: Magic Dick - Magic´s Mood

Listen and/or download here (run time 01:26:25; 192 kbps):

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