Struttin My Stuff # 17 - Parlez Vous Français?

Parlez vous francais?
Salut Les Copains !
(or Hi Guys!)

We start this week with a little bit of a joke, meaning a French language Rock ´n Roll record from before 1959. Which is not only the birth year of yours truly, but also the year when Salut Les Copains was born, the first serious French Rock and Roll radio show, broadcasted by the station Europe 1.  

The French (language) Rock ´n´ Roll made before that time? Well, take for instance Rock ´n´Roll Mops from 1956. Considered to be the first French Rock ´n Roll recording, it was written by Boris Vian and Michael Legrand. Both were and still are more known for their novels (Vian) and film scores (Legrand), than for their R´n´R credibility. 
To make things worse,  the song was sung, under the name Henry Cording (recording, you get it?)  by singer/actor Henri Salvador, who never got tired of saying that he hated Rock ´n Roll.

 IN 1957 Rock ´n Roll Mops was redone in an slightly better version by Dutchman Ferdinand Heinrick Barendse.  During the 40´s  Barendse played trumpet in the jazz orchestra The Ramblers, before he started playing stuff  like the charleston in the Belgian casinos, with his own dance orchestra.  Not your vintage Rock ´n´ Roller this Ferdinand, despite his posing as  Ferry ´Rock´ Barendse.   
Anyway, Barendse sang his would- be Rock ´n´ Roll with a sort of Louis Amstrong voice, which makes his records at least amusing.  Listen to his T´as L´bonhour d´Alfred´ and have a laugh. 

Other than that, nothing but quality stuff on this show folks, French and non French. And with an extra shot of African stuff this time.

Amusez-vous avec le spectacle!

TB Turpentine

Playlist Struttin My Stuff # 17 – Parlez Vous Français?

Intro: Comprend français?
01 Ferdy Rock Barendse – T´as L´bonhour d´Alfred (RCA, 1956)
02 Clifton Chenier – Sa M´appelle Fou (Arholie, 1976)
03 Anna Karina – Roller Girl (Philips, 1967)
04 TP Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Ne Te Faches Pas  (Albarika Store? , 19??, Soundway, 2005 (comp))
05  Amédé Ardoin – La Valse Des Chantiers Pétrolifères  (JSP, 1934)
06 Tom Tolbert – I Can´t Cut It  (Jowall, 1962)
07 Tommy McCook & The Sound Dimension – Tunnel One  (CoxSone, 1975)
08 Margie Hendrix – Don´t Destroy Me (Sound  Stage 7, 1968)
09 The Paramounts  - Shedding Teardrops  (Ember, 1964)
10  Nancy & The Millionaires -  Atooka Oklahama (Frankie, 1966)
11  The Swan Silvertones - Love Lifted Me  (Specialty, 1953)
12 Franco  & OK Jazz  Musica Tellema  (??, 1957)
13 Clarence Gatemouth Brown -  Mama Mambo (Sunnyside, 1975)
14 Frank Proffitt  Satan - Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Rounder, 1965)
15 Silas Hogan - Dry Chemical Blues (Blue Horizon, 1970)
16  Bernice Gooden with Ernie Freeman orchestra What Did I Do To You (Capitol, 1956?)
17 Philip Malela – Tiba Kamo (1969-1976)
18 Cleo Jackson Randle – Live In Heaven Is Free  (Checker, 1967)
19  Joe Simon – The Chokin Kind (Sound Stage 7, 1969
20  Mickey and Sylvia – No Good Lover  (Rainbow /Groove, 1956)
21 King Beezz – I Gotta Move
22 The Royal Jokers – I Don´t Like You To Much  (Fortune,  1958)
23 Earl Hooker – These Cotton Pickin´  Blues  (Age, 1961)
24 The Wailers  Put It On  (Island, 1966)
25 Sid De Kayes - Sèbè tè Moyala  ( 1970´s)
26 The Persuasions – I Could Never Love Another  (Catamount, 1957)
27 Barbara Greene – Long Tall Sally (Atco, 1962)
28  The Animals – I´ve Been Around
outro: Magic Dick – Magic´s Mood (Atlantic, 1976

Listen and/or download here (run time  01:26:29; 192 kbps):

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